Sunday 26 September 2010

Post-Workshop Thank You

Well, we all saw the performance by Rambert on Wednesday last week and then held the two writing workshops yesterday. They went very well, very interesting, still digesting things and over the next few weeks I will post details about what we did along with some of the writing that was produced and my own reflections on the process.

Very initial thoughts include some elements that are obvious: such as the writers group being much more familiar and comfortable with the task of writing in response to exercises design to produce writing; while the dance goers were much more fluent (and opinionated!) when it came to talking about the dances.

For now, however, thank you to all the participants for taking part and also to Sherry for running the day, and remember if you want to post anything by way of reflections or feedback or further writing on this blog you are very welcome.


  1. Opinionated? Oh dear.

    One of things I most enjoyed - and I did enjoy the workshop very much - was the opportunity to discuss dance with other people who enjoy dance. This is something most of us are rather short of - as we discussed during the break.

    I'll be interested to see what out of our writings you choose to post...

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