Friday 10 September 2010

Welcome to Participants

As the performance on the 22nd Sept and the workshops on the 25th Sept come closer I will be inviting the people who will be taking part in this research project to read and possibly contribute to this blog.

So if you are one of the participants, then Welcome!

Whether you are an experienced dance spectator who is new to creative writing, or an experienced writer new to dance, the workshops are intended to be a fun, rewarding and revealling experience. This blog runs alongside the workshops and we'd like you to contribute to the extent you feel comfortable, including posting comments, thoughts and initial responses, material that you develop during the workshops and also any writing that you subsequently develop or polish after they are over.

The blog will allow you to see material written by participants from the other workshop running alongside the one you are participating it.

The blog will follow the normal rules of politeness and respectfulness and any inappropriate material or comments will be removed (although of course we are not expecting that there will be any).

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